the story of DIGITAL PRESS


Digital Press was founded in 2017 by Nicolas Cole and Drew Reggie, and was born from a simple realization: a company’s message should come from a person, not just the entity itself.

In other words, founders and CEOs were missing a huge opportunity to position and brand themselves as industry influencers to build trust with potential clients or customers, form relationships at scale, and ultimately distinguish themselves from competition and grow their businesses.

But those benefits were discovered in part by accident.

In 2015, Cole vowed to write every single day on the question-and-answer platform Quora in order to build himself as a writer and marketer. But by simply sharing what he knows online, consistently over time, something much bigger happened.

His content was republished into virtually every major publication on the Internet—and was viewed by millions of people in the process. Companies began reaching out seeking marketing consultation. He was asked to advise on product launches and join boards. He landed a regular column on He was invited to speak on panels and be a guest on podcasts and YouTube shows.

In other words, opportunities came rolling in. Cole had successfully built a personal brand that distinguished him from other marketing and content experts.

The “unfair advantage” of thought leadership can be difficult to define, but it is more powerful than any PR or marketing effort in existence.

In 2017, Cole and Drew teamed up and launched Digital Press to help companies position their founders and CEOs as thought leaders through written content.

Today, less than two years later, Digital Press has helped over 200 founders and executives build their personal brands online.

Our mission is to uncover, capture, and share the world’s most valuable insights—not just to help companies be more successful by positioning their leaders as authorities in their industry—but to share knowledge and make business more human.

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