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of decision-makers agree thought leadership is one of the best ways to get a sense for the caliber of thinking an organization can deliver


of decision-makers said thought leadership has increased their respect for an organization


of c-suite executives are more willing to pay a premium to work with an organization that has articulated a clear vision


“A company's message needs to come from a person—the founder, the CEO, the CTO, the VP of Product. People trust people, not companies.

— Nicolas Cole | Founder, Digital Press


like no other form of marketing/branding

Thought leadership is the only awareness-raising, trust-building, exposure-driving initiative that continues working for you years after execution—truly separating you from your competition along the way.



Is your personal brand (or lack thereof) helping or hurting you?

When someone looks you up online, they should be inspired by what the see, who you are, and what you’re building. A clean personal brand is not about presenting yourself in a dramatized way but, instead, having your online presence match your in-person one.

Our program begins with a complete brand audit. Your dedicated Account Managing Editor (AME) will examine your social profiles, headshot photo, banner images, and bios—then get to work on an overhaul. We will create a branded banner image, write an intentionally-crafted (first-person) bio, and advise on a new headshot, if necessary.




By sharing what you know online (the right way), you can drive consistent exposure for your brand and elevate your credibility.

At onboarding, your Account Managing Editor will conduct an initial interview to get to know you, your company, your industry, and topics of interest. From there, he or she will conduct a deep dive online to see what is resonating in your space and identify content opportunities for you.

Your AME will then create a Content Roadmap, outlining 2-3 topic buckets and specific ideas for articles to create together. Once approved by you, the creation process begins.



A Monthly phone call to get your thoughts—the fastest way from idea to article

Each month, your AME will conduct an hourlong phone interview to ask questions, hear stories, and extract everything she needs to create two high-quality articles (approximately 800 words each).

Once the call is complete, the AME and his team dive in. By working directly from the transcript of your interview, your final article reads in your voice and maintains your confidence. The team may conduct additional research to cite statistics from credible sources, if necessary to strengthen the piece.

Once the article is approved by you, your AME will handle distribution.



Content distribution THAT maximizeS impact

The Digital Press distribution philosophy is that an article shouldn’t have to live in just one credible environment. Every approved piece is sent throughout our syndication network, where it is eligible to get published in a variety of reputable business publications and email newsletters (and accumulate valuable backlinks). Then, your AME will post the article to your personal LinkedIn and Quora profiles for additional reach.


“We now live in a world where, to stand out, every company’s executives need to have strong personal brands. Digital Press has taken that need and made it easy for people to remain consistent over a long period of time.

Our entire leadership team at ShipChain works with Digital Press.”

— Brian D. Evans | CMO, ShipChain

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We’ve worked with over 200 founders, C-suite executives, bestselling authors, award-winning speakers, Olympic medalists, Grammy-winning musicians, and industry experts.



Now, more than ever, founders and executives must have strong executive brands in order to stand out among competition, build trust in their industry, and stay top-of-mind.